Nista closed during the holidays

Dear Customers and Students, We would like to inform you that Nista Language Centre will be closed next week from 24. 12. 2016 to 2. 1. 2017. All courses will resume on Tuesday, 3. 1. 2017. For urgent matters please …

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Why should I send my child to study in the UK?

Because he is capable of more than the schools at home are offering, because he wants to develop his/her talents alongside continuing with education, because he is a 21st-century world citizen, because it gives access to 20 of the best …

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Language courses abroad during Christmas holidays

Do not know how to spend the Christmas holidays? Participate in a language course abroad. We offer 4 high-quality language schools which leave their doors open during the holidays and organize a great Christmas language program. You can choose between …

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Do not miss this outstanding offer and save a 100 eur!!!

Although winter is approaching, we at Nista know that many of you with your thoughts are already in the summer. That is why we are informing you about an exceptional range of German language courses for children and teenagers in …

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In USA you can develop your athletic career whilst getting a degree!

Would you like to study but you do not want to give up sports? In the USA you can do both! The athletic scholarships are intended for promising athletes with great athletic results and who would like to continue with …

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English for work

At NISTA, we listen carefully to our Clients and design our courses to fit into their context closely. We test the language competence level of our trainees and analyse communication channels in the company. For this reason we prepared two …

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Looking for work abroad? Looking to study abroad? Looking to live abroad?

Increasingly popular, with over 2.7 million takers in 2015, IELTS is language certification recognised all over the world, indispensable for those who wish to pursue higher education in English, for migration and for those seeking employment overseas. The test can …

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NISTA language courses – success guaranteed!

Learning a foreign language is an investment that always pays off. Here at NISTA we will help you open doors and make the most of life’s opportunities in the modern Europe and beyond. Foreign languages open opportunities for secondary and …

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Last applications!

Last applications for the summer language vacation accompanied by our representative in Berlin or Cambridge / London. Click here →

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