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In cooperation with language schools from Austria, Hungary and Romania we will be sharing ideas and practices to establish the best practices in teaching foreign languages for corporate clients. The emphasis is on business and specialized English.

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The “Best4Languages” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership in the field of adult education, which shall be implemented between 2018 and 2020 by the six partner institutions from Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Italy and Germany. The project relies on the needs and gaps of language education institutions and strikes to: improve the competences of the language teachers and the quality and effectiveness of language teaching practices; improve the competences of the language school managers about specific management issues; foster the quality, innovation and internationalization of language schools by their international cooperation and exchange of practices; improve attractiveness of language learning in Europe by making language teaching more effective and innovative.The target group of the project consists of language teachers and management staff involved in adult education, who will take part in training events (international and local) and via dissemination activities.Teacher training events are core activities of the project. They were designed to develop both teachers and managers competences and were based on the specific fields, that the partner institutions found to be problematic in their institutions, but also very important for their development.Teacher training themes covered within the project are the following: social media and mobile devices in the language classroom; e-learning & movie-making method for innovating language teaching; Interactive whiteboard for teaching languages and teaching intercultural competences within language classes; teaching culture within language classes; communicative approach in language teaching; digital stories in foreign language learning.On the other hand the management staff training events cover the following fields: conflict management and team-building in language schools; educational leadership in language schools; marketing strategies and opening language schools to international markets; program monitoring and reporting in language schools; human resource management in language schools; managing extracurricular services.”





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