Successful first week of online learning at Nista!

We are pleased to report that the first lessons held via Skype have been very successful. Although there is currently no possibility for a regular course, students and teachers are very excited about virtual learning. This way, they will not lose touch with the language but improve and thus be able to enrich this period when we all must be at home.

We invite all of you who wish to learn and improve your language skills, but so far you have not managed to devote your time to it, to take advantage of this period and enrol in one of our courses.

You can join on-line Skype courses from all cities in Slovenia. We offer both individual and group courses, as both courses have proven very effective.

In case you are not beginner and you are unsure about your level, we invite you to take our online test:

However, if you have already chosen a course, then embark on your language acquisition journey and sign up! You can find the registration form on our website: