Why should I decide to continue my education in the UK?

Being part of a Boarding School is an extraordinary experience that marks you for life. Not only you get to meet a lot of new people, but also your life is completely different from what you would have at home. Instead of driving to school or going with a bus, you just walk across the park to the other side of the campus. You adapt to the rules and routines of hundreds of children who live and learn together with you. This way, you get the opportunity to learn how to live in a larger community. But certainly, Boarding schools are not for everyone, before you go for it, you have to look at all of the advantages. Children dressed in beautiful uniforms, large common dining rooms and library stocked with books are no longer a part of a movie scene, but your reality. Low grades, homework, are no longer your worries. With the help of your devoted teachers who dedicate the afternoon lessons to improving your knowledge and getting an excellent grade.  


A 14-year old girl’s testimonial perfectly summarizes what is written above. She attends a private British Boarding School.
It is a great experience in your life. Enjoy it, because it is once in a lifetime; although you sometimes feel homesick, it is fun. It is very different from where I come from, but it is good to learn new cultures, people, language and lifestyle.
14-years-old girl boarding at St Anthony`s Leweston School