Many would say Italian is a very poetic language, being capable of charming everyone. If you like Italian cuisine but you are really not able of pronouncing words like mozzarella and spaghetti, a course of Italian is what you need. Our Italian teachers have a long experience in teaching.

Courses of general Italian are taught according to the programme Arrivederci! from beginner’s level A1 (according to Nista categorization I4/5) to a highly advanced level C2 (or I80). At the end of every level (132 hours) students get a Nista Language centre certificate. Students can also take a test for an international certificate:

General Italian:

  • CELI – Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera

* Nista Language centre offers courses as preparation to international certificate exams. Students undertake the exam to get an international certificate in Ljubljana (twice or once a year).

Choose our course:


General Italian:

- International certificates:

  • Preparation for the CELI exam – Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera

- Business Italian:

  • Business Italian course – pre-intermediate level – B6 (A2) – min. 6 students

  • Business Italian course – intermediate level – B7 (B1) – min. 6 students

*chosen theme: informatics, banking and finance, law, medicine, construction, tourism, forwarding business …