Our foreign and highly qualified teachers graduated in linguistics teach at our school. Nista was the first language school on the Coast to employ native speakers for all languages. We still have at least one native speaker among other teachers. Classes are only in the taught language, the emphasis is on conversation. In that way students do not only learn the language, but also about culture and population.


You will learn languages the same way children learn their mother language – naturally: by listening, reading, speaking and written comprehension. All courses are based on conversation, students first learn to communicate in everyday situations. Advanced classes are dedicated to vocabulary and language enrichment. Our education is continuous, language programmes are divided into levels and put a stress on long-term language knowledge – not occasional, not quickly, but regularly and tenaciously..

Only the best study books by renowned international publishers and extra material are used in our courses. We decide which study books to use on the basis of your tests.


At the end of every course (44 or 88 hours) students write a test and get a descriptive mark of their achievement. At the end of the level (132 hours) they get a certificate. During every course students get questionnaires about school work.


  • courses are lead by 2 teachers – our teacher and a native speaker
  • higher levels are taught only by native speakers
  • all teachers are highly qualified with university degree or language teaching certificate (TEFL)
  • teachers with long experience


All language levels lead to international certificates. Nista language centre was the first centre on the Coast to prepare students to international certificates. Every year there are courses that prepare students for international certificate tests.

International certificate means:

  • advantage in job research at home and abroad
  • they ensure employers a European standard of language knowledge according to EU recommendations
  • possibility of pre-degree and post-degree study programme
  • possibility of emigration to Australia, Canada, Great Britain or New Zealand
  • the best foreign universities in Western Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA recognize high level exams as ability to continue your studies in English

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Language levels

According to the European language framework there are six levels used for all languages. The European Council described them as: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

At Nista after the course you will write a test and get a certificate about your level. This certificate is European and it has a special meaning in all EU.