Nista in the media

A recommendation by our young students in Primorske novice newspaper confirms our successful work; they gained the highest level of language knowledge (Proficiency level) and an international certificate.

Primorske novice 12.9.2003 →

Lots of our students participated in courses oriented in preparation for international certificates. Our preparation for the exam in of high quality; our students are very successful at the exams (nearly 100%). You can learn about that in Študentska TV programme.

We are known also in Europe as many students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain successfully attended the course of Slovene for foreigners. Journalist Stefanie Flamm described her experience in an article in the German newspaper Die Zeit.

Nemški časopis Die Zeit →

At our 20th anniversary a programme of free workshops was published in newspapers; we organized them at such an important anniversary. You can learn more about us in: → → →

We were invited to an interview to Radio Koper in occasion of the European day of languages. In the interview the director, Mrs Alenka Rajčič spoke about the work methods thanks to which our school has been successful for already 20 years.

In the school year 2011/12 we organized the majority of the Russian courses in Piran and Portorož. Courses were dedicated to tourism workers (hotel workers, waiters and workers in restaurants…) and smaller companies, members of the Piran Chamber of Craft. An increasing interest for Russian was noticed also in the newspaper Primorske novice, they published the following article about that.

»NI HAO!« Our director, mrs. Alenka Rajčić spoke about the importance of the Chinese language in the article for the newspaper »Primorske novice«. We all agree that Chinese is the world language of future. So why not join one of our Chinese class and have fun! »ZAIJIAN!«

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