Frequent questions

  • How do I know which course level is suitable for me?

Call 00386/5/62-50-400 or 00386/41/44-90-90 or mail us at Tell us as much information as possible about how many years, where, when…you have been learning the language. We will answer as soon as possible. You can also visit us in our centre (see timetable) or book a visit. It will all be easier if you make the test in the chosen language on our website, in the column »tests«. According to the result, we will send you an offer with the best course for you. After a consulting meeting we will decide the fastest and cheapest way to reach your goal. You will continue with language learning at the point where your knowledge lacks.

Test →

  • How do we decide the suitable level for you?

It depends on the test result, your last language course, your language use in everyday life and the period in which you wish to achieve your goal. In case we are not sure, you will be invited to make also the oral and listening comprehension part of the test.

  • I would like to get a certificate. What do you advise me?

In case you successfully completed the final high school exam in English, we advise the FCE (First Certificate in English) or CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). Both are internationally recognized exams and will help you in new jobs at home and abroad or at foreign university applications.
We can help you to get also certificates in German, Spanish, French etc.

  • I was absent many times when attending a course at your school, but I successfully passed the test. Nevertheless, I have a feeling that I do not have enough knowledge to pass to the next level. What do you advise me?

We have 44-hour-courses and we test you at the end. The test is successfully passed if the student reaches more than 61%. If the student does not reach 61%, we advise some more hours of individual course so as to continue to the next level. This happens mainly when students are absent because of work. Even if you are frequently absent we advise you to take the test and see if you need more hours to pass to the 2nd level. The teacher’s opinion is very important to pass to the next level.

  • I am attending an 88-hour-course to get an international certificate. Because of work/study duties I am not able to attend all the classes. I am paying the course in instalments. Do I have to pay the whole course even if I am not able to continue it?

We start the course when there are enough students. In this case you have to pay the whole course even if you are not able to continue it. Only in case of illness more than 30 days confirmed by a medical certificate you do not have to pay the course. See general conditions →

  • I am attending an English course – E6 I. term, when do I get a certificate of the completed level?

This is an intermediate level – Pre- intermediate – or A2 according to the European scale of language knowledge. Because our courses are divided into three levels. See our language levels →

  • Why is language knowledge a good investment?

- The language knowledge a child achieves until he/she is 7 years old is very important for further language learning.
- People who speak more languages have all the advantages of life in nowadays Europe.
- Language skills can help people enjoy their holidays and get to know new friends.
- Language knowledge can mean a better job opportunity. It is necessary in many professions and it is good for a faster advancement and more reimbursement.

  • Why choose a language course at Nista language school?

- because we have been the first private language school on the Coast and in the Karst region since 1991,
- because we have a more than 25-year-tradition and experience,
- because we guarantee language knowledge,
- because we guarantee a wide range of courses and levels,
- because all our programmes are based on conversation,
- because our courses are lead by native speakers and other extremely qualified teachers
- because we test your knowledge time at the time, students get a written report at the end of every course and a certificate at the end of the level
- because all our courses lead to international certificates,
- because all our programmes are made according to the European standards,
- because our classrooms are new and well furnished, situated in the outskirts of Koper (business centre in Šalara) in a quiet location,
- because parking place is in front of the school and always free during the classes,
- because we work according to EU programmes, our students can continue their studies at the best language schools abroad,…
- because we offer intermediation for language courses in Europe and in other parts of the world.