• What? English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Slovene for foreigners…
  • For whom? For teenagers among 5th class of elementary school and 4th class of high-school
  • Why? For a better school mark, a self-confident communication, grammar training, exam, final high school exam or re-examination preparation…
  • How? 1x per week for 2 scholastic hours (55 hours)
  • Cost?

only 289€

Courses for teenagers are dedicated to elementary school pupils (6th–9th class) and high school students (1st–4th class); for students with problems in language learning (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish…) and teenagers who would like to enlarge their knowledge, upgrade it and become more self-confident when speaking a foreign language. Courses are very good also for those students who have to undertake the final high school exam or re-examination.


a) School material revision – for a better mark

Groups of students study their school material. Work methods and the teacher’s personal approach lead to better marks. Teenagers can also decide to follow individual classes or classes in pairs, where school material is dealt with in an even more detailed way. Courses in pairs or triplets are a perfect choice for final high school exam preparation.


b) Conversation courses – for those who want more

60-hour courses of conversation are taught by a Slovene teacher and a native speaker and are held 1x per week for 2 scholastic hours. Students are included in the courses according to their pre-knowledge. The course is based mainly on communication oriented to a more self-confident and fluent language use. Conversation courses lead to international certificates.

Course schedule according to students’ age:

ET2 – beginners, false beginners (6th and 7th class of elementary school)

ET3 – 7th and 8th class

ET4 – 8th and 9th class

ET5 – technical high schools with final exam

ET6 – 1st and 2nd class of professional high schools with final exam (matura)

ET7 – 3rd and 4th class of professional high schools with final exam (matura)

The same schedule is applied also to other languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

Click and choose a Nista course for teenagers:

ET – English for teenagers

IT - Italian for teenagers

ŠPT – Spanish for teenagers

GT - German for teenagers

FRT - French for teenagers


c) International certificates

The majority of teenagers who take courses at our centre undertake international certificate exams. B2 level is achieved with international certificate and it is the same level as the English level in the general final high school exam.

An international certificate means more job opportunities, possibility of post-degree study abroad or just a language knowledge upgrade.

  • 2x per week for 2 scholastic hours
  • 88 hours
  • For students with advanced knowledge (B2)
  • Taught by an experienced language teacher (Slovene or native speaker)
  • International certificate exams are held in the exam centres in Ljubljana
  • Professional study material

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