The programmes at Nista are made according to the common European language framework (CEFR) and lead to international exams and certificates.

Certain programmes are adapted to students according to their:

  • age
  • pre-knowledge
  • education / field of wok (business or specialized language)


Our programme advantages and reason for being the best on the Coast:

  • diversified offer: individual courses, courses for teenagers, for adults, for companies, courses abroad…
  • small groups of students (min. 4, max. 8 students, 5-6 on average), which enables: 1. excellent group dynamics, 2. a strong emphasis on the spoken language, resulting in better knowledge, 3. a personal approach, 4. a more intensive process of language acquisition
  • the school is equipped with all the essential didactic and technical facilities to enable interactive lessons
  • a qualified staff consisting of Slovene teachers and native speakers of the language studied
  • emphasis on conversation and long-time language learning
  • new students can join courses every Monday
  • all our courses are designed to guide you towards the acquisition of international certificates
  • we regularly test your progress. We believe in consistency and in-depth learning, as opposed to a “soon learnt, soon forgotten” approach to knowledge acquisition
  • we provide a descriptive progress report/certificate upon completion of each level
  • the classes are conducted exclusively in the target language