Free on-line test

Check your language knowledge on-line. After getting your data we will immediately tell you your test result and advise you on the most suitable way to reach your goal in the field of language knowledge.

You do not have to make the test if you are a complete beginner. In such a case just fill in the application form.Application form →

You can make tests in other languages at our centre.

Test for companies
We offer tests for language knowledge evaluation for company employees.

In that way we check their ability to communicate in a foreign language at work. You can get a detailed description of reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension, speaking in a foreign language and see who of your employees needs a language course.
The testing takes place at your company or in our centre.

Companies are eager to check their employees’ language knowledge, such tests can be done for all the four types of language skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading comprehension).
For companies which decide to take one of our language courses, testing is free.
Tests are suitable also for testing job applicants’ language skills.