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Controllate il vostro livello di inglese. Prima inserite i vostri dati e poi fate il test. Ci vorranno circa 30 minuti. Il test comprende 75 domande, basta fare clic sulla risposta corretta. Se non sapete quale, potete lasciare la casella vuota. Buona fortuna!

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Numero di telefono:

1) What’s that? _____________’s my house.

2) What’s the time? It’s _____________.

3) Do you live in Slovenia? _____________.

4) She goes to bed at eleven, but he _____________.

5) She often _____________ lunch at home.

6) That’s mine! Give it to _____________.

7) _____________ open the door! I’m too cold.

8) They _____________ to music at the moment.

9) She didn’t _____________ tennis last week.

10) What time did he _____________ home today?

11) What _____________? I’m a policeman.

12) Yesterday, she _____________ to work by car.

13) There _____________ some water in the bottle.

14) They’ve only got _____________ pens left.

15) I _____________ play tennis when I was a girl.

16) I like chocolate, but I _____________ it every day.

17) When _____________ to Paris?

18) I _____________ look round museums tomorrow.

19) There _____________ any butter in the fridge.

20) It’s the _____________ food I’ve ever eaten.

21) I didn’t go out _____________ at Christmas.

22) Where’s that apple? Sorry, _____________ eaten it!

23) There aren’t _____________ teachers in my school.

24) Have you ever _____________ Michael Jackson?

25) They don’t write very _____________.

26) My uncle _____________ to start work when he was 15.

27) Women don’t eat as much _____________ men.

28) She doesn’t like _____________ Spanish.

29) The train _____________ here on time.

30) We had to cancel the meeting because there weren’t _____________ people.

31) Could you _____________ me the price of that shirt?

32) I _____________ like two cokes, please.

33) That’s the park _____________ we played in when we were children.

34) Be quiet! Your mother’s _____________ gone to bed!

35) I’ve been in this class _____________ 1996.

36) I’m hungry. OK, _____________ cook you dinner.

37) This is _____________ much for me to eat.

38) Her English is _____________ than his.

39) I couldn’t go because I _____________ stay with my sister.

40) _____________ I pick that up for you? Yes, please.

41) What _____________ have? Let’s have a pizza!

42) I think people _____________ to drive more slowly.

43) I’m tired _____________ an old car.

44) They’ve been _____________ all night at the disco.

45) We moved house last month. We _____________ to live in Leeds.

46) I don’t feel well. No, neither _____________ I.

47) He spoke to her. She spoke to him. They spoke to _____________.

48) I’m not his brother _____________?

49) You don’t know where I am, _____________?

50) Did they enjoy _____________ ? Yes, they did.

51) When did Mary _____________ college?

52) Do you enjoy _____________?

53) I hadn’t expected James to apologize but I had hoped _____________.

54) Football is a subject I know very _____________ of.

55) You will become ill _____________ you stop working so hard.

56) Something extremely strange _____________ yesterday while we were out jogging.

57) Something must be done quickly if endangered species _____________ saved.

58) It is reported that _____________ adopted children want to know who their natural parents are.

59) _____________ a lonely and harsh life, far from home and family.

60) Do you have _____________ to do this afternoon? If not, I’d like to take you to a movie.

61) Our friends will _____________ for two nights.

62) When will the conference _____________?

63) _____________ found in forests can possess deadly toxicity is an element of folk knowledge that has not been passed down on today’s general public.

64) That accident occurred _____________.

65) It’s snowing. Would you like to _____________ this weekend?

66) “You missed a good career opportunity.” – “Yes, I _____________ that job when Mr. Johnson offered.”

67) An excellent hairstylist in even the most unsophisticated hair salon can make a man seem to have more hair than _____________.

68) Despite being basically arboreal in nature, koalas _____________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.

69) Because of its warm tropical climate, Hawaii _____________ subzero temperatures.

70) Emma Thompson was nominated for an Academy Award as both a screenwriter _____________ an actress in 1996.

71) Egyptian pyramids were regularly robbed despite their intricate passageways, Byzantine mazes, and _____________.

72) “Where do you live now?” – “I live in Kansas City; my _____________.”

73) We have a large selection of men’s clothes for sale. We _____________ many women’s clothes in stock.

74) She doesn’t want anything alcoholic for now. She would rather _____________ a soft drink.

75) The sky is getting cloudy. It _____________ rain.

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