One of the virtues of successful companies is most certainly proficiency in the language(s) of their business partners and thus adapting to the market.

If you are encountering difficulties with language at work, such as, troubles with business correspondence, telephone communication, public performing for product presentations or services etc., then we can organise a course at Nista which will be personalized to the needs of the company.

Before starting the course, we arrange a free of charge placing exam and, according to its results, create groups and prepare the syllabus. We strive to accommodate each and every participant, because we value your time and your willingness to learn.

We routinely take attendance in the course and inform the company’s management about any absences with the help of our program Nista Assistant. We finish each course (44 or 88 lessons) with an exam, the results of which, along with a progress report, are given to each participant as well as the company’s management.

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Considering the company's needs or the employees' wishes, we offer:

  • general language,
  • business language,
  • specialised courses – tailored to client,
  • mixed type of courses (customised topics);
    • general / business,
    • general / specialised,
  • course as a preparation for an international certificate acquisition;
    • certificates of general language (FCE, CAE, etc.),
    • certificates of business language (BEC),
  • individual courses,
  • intenzivni tečaji jezikov v tujini .
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Why opt for a language course only for your company?

Advantages of internal education:

  • adaptable schedule,
  • course can take place at our premises or at the client company,
  • syllabus is designed according to the client’s needs and wishes,
  • focused learning leading to fast results,
  • lower costs of courses for groups of 5 or more.

Business language course

Communicating with business partners in their own language and knowing/learning about their culture can be the key to success. Our language courses are suitable for groups of emplyees of all business sectors.

  • 44-lesson courses;
  • testing of prior knowledge;
  • 2x 45 minutes, twice a week;
  • course participants obtaining at least the medium level of proficiency – A2;
  • emphasis on speaking;
  • contents on the topic of marketing, finance, banking, negotiating, public speaking, business correspondence, etc.;
  • courses are taught by native speakers along with our excellent language professors;
  • courses are held exclusively in the learning language;
  • at the end of the I. term (44 lessons) and II. term of the course we test the proficiency with an exam, from which the course participants receive a descriptive report about their progress and the exam results;
  • at the end of each level (132 lessons) the course participants also receive a certificate of proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language skills (A2-C2).
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Our best selling course of business lanugage

For many years now, our best selling course is general business language. The syllabus of the course entails all the topics from the field of business, such as:

  • holding a meeting,
  • telephone discourse,
  • composition of a business e-mail,
  • composition of a business report,
  • company presentation,
  • finance report,
  • employment,
  • product quality,
  • negotiations,
  • telephone complaints,
  • how to ethically solve a problem.

The course in business language can consist also of just one or two topics selected.

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Mixed type of courses

  • general / business language or
  • general / specialised language (selected topics)

The benefit of the mixed type of courses is, along with the selected topics of business or specialised language, also developing general language and communication skills:

  • course is designed according to the client’s needs and wishes,
  • selected topics;
    • language in shipping and logistics,
    • language course for accounting,
    • tax counselling,
    • courses for personnel in tourism (specialised courses for hoteliers, receptionists, housekeepers and for wellness necessities),
    • plastic surgery,
    • preparation for public speaking,
    • language in law,
    • courses for mechanical and construction engineers, etc.,
  • 44- or 88-lesson courses,
  • at the end of I. term (44 lessons) in II. term (44 lessons) the course participants test their proficiency with an exam and receive a descriptive report about their progress,
  • at the end of each level (132 lessons) the course participants also receive a certificate of proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language skills (A2-C2).

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International certificates of business language

  • English
    • BEC Preliminary Buisness English Certificates Preliminary
    • BEC Vantage Buisness English Cerftificate – Preliminary
    • BEC Higher Buisness English Certificate – Higher
    • FCE – First Certificate in English (B2)
    • CAE – Certificate of Advanced English (C1)
    • CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2)
    • IELTS – International English language testing system
    • TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Italian
    • CELI – Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana
    • CILS –Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera
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