1. Language profile

  1. Nista offers evaluation of foreign languages within the company. This includes testing the language proficiency, which is essential for successful business performance, and reporting the results of the written and spoken assessments.
  2. The service is free of charge when ordering two or more courses.

      2. Office support

  1. Nista teachers accompany you at your premises to help with e-mail composition, proofreading and drafting contracts, marketing work, proofreading the company’s website, preparations for fairs, shows, conferences or meetings.
  2. The service is paid by the hour with the option of buying a monthly package.

      3. Company analysis

In order for the business to run smoothly, we offer a new type of service.

  1. Nista reviews your needs, such as presentations, preparations for seminars, negotiations, international marketing, etc.
  2. Course participants, joining the customised business courses, will fill out a needs analysis in all four language elements, e.g. how much time do you spend composing an offer; do you often speak on the phone; does holding a meeting pose any problems to you; are you responsible for writing contracts; do you prepare reports on company’s progress; etc.
  3. The service is free of charge when ordering foreign language courses.