Translating from and into Slovene

Nista works with a number of translators, among whom we divide the work if necessary, depending on their time, experience, and expertise.

We abide by the set deadlines and assure a quality translation.

The standard service consists of 6 translation pages from a foreign language into Slovene and 5 translation pages from Slovene into a foreign language.

How to order a translation?

In the enquiry, please specify as many details as possible and what kind of translation is required: from and into which language, the length of the text, and the time frame.

Based on your needs, we will propose an offer for the translation.

For more extensive texts we ask for prepayment, which is approximately 40 % of the translation price.

The translators start as soon as the offer is confirmed or as soon as the prepayment is settled.

Special discounts

For a new client, the first page of the translation at Nista is free of charge.



We proofread in Slovene and many other languages, and a variety of texts such as general texts, dissertations, academic texts, and technical texts.

Pricing of the proofreading varies considering the type, length and difficulty of the text, along with the amount of corrections and the time limit.

We determine the price according to the number of characters without spaces in the final translated text.


Benefits for companies

New client companies receive the first two pages of the translation free of charge.