TEST – angleščina

Vzemite si nekaj časa in preverite svoje znanje angleščine. Najprej vpišite svoje podatke, nato rešite test. Vzelo vam bo približno 30 minut. Test obsega 75 vprašanj, nanje odgovorite s klikom na odgovore. Če pa katerega ne veste, lahko pustite prazno polje. Srečno!

Ime in priimek:

Naslov in pošta:



1) What’s that? _____________’s my house.

2) What’s the time? It’s _____________.

3) Do you live in Slovenia? _____________.

4) She goes to bed at eleven, but he _____________.

5) She often _____________ lunch at home.

6) That’s mine! Give it to _____________.

7) _____________ open the door! I’m too cold.

8) They _____________ to music at the moment.

9) She didn’t _____________ tennis last week.

10) What time did he _____________ home today?

11) What _____________? I’m a policeman.

12) Yesterday, she _____________ to work by car.

13) There _____________ some water in the bottle.

14) They’ve only got _____________ pens left.

15) I _____________ play tennis when I was a girl.

16) I like chocolate, but I _____________ it every day.

17) When _____________ to Paris?

18) I _____________ look round museums tomorrow.

19) There _____________ any butter in the fridge.

20) It’s the _____________ food I’ve ever eaten.

21) I didn’t go out _____________ at Christmas.

22) Where’s that apple? Sorry, _____________ eaten it!

23) There aren’t _____________ teachers in my school.

24) Have you ever _____________ Michael Jackson?

25) They don’t write very _____________.

26) My uncle _____________ to start work when he was 15.

27) Women don’t eat as much _____________ men.

28) She doesn’t like _____________ Spanish.

29) The train _____________ here on time.

30) We had to cancel the meeting because there weren’t _____________ people.

31) Could you _____________ me the price of that shirt?

32) I _____________ like two cokes, please.

33) That’s the park _____________ we played in when we were children.

34) Be quiet! Your mother’s _____________ gone to bed!

35) I’ve been in this class _____________ 1996.

36) I’m hungry. OK, _____________ cook you dinner.

37) This is _____________ much for me to eat.

38) Her English is _____________ than his.

39) I couldn’t go because I _____________ stay with my sister.

40) _____________ I pick that up for you? Yes, please.

41) What _____________ have? Let’s have a pizza!

42) I think people _____________ to drive more slowly.

43) I’m tired _____________ an old car.

44) They’ve been _____________ all night at the disco.

45) We moved house last month. We _____________ to live in Leeds.

46) I don’t feel well. No, neither _____________ I.

47) He spoke to her. She spoke to him. They spoke to _____________.

48) I’m not his brother _____________?

49) You don’t know where I am, _____________?

50) Did they enjoy _____________ ? Yes, they did.

51) When did Mary _____________ college?

52) Do you enjoy _____________?

53) I hadn’t expected James to apologize but I had hoped _____________.

54) Football is a subject I know very _____________ of.

55) You will become ill _____________ you stop working so hard.

56) Something extremely strange _____________ yesterday while we were out jogging.

57) Something must be done quickly if endangered species _____________ saved.

58) It is reported that _____________ adopted children want to know who their natural parents are.

59) _____________ a lonely and harsh life, far from home and family.

60) Do you have _____________ to do this afternoon? If not, I’d like to take you to a movie.

61) Our friends will _____________ for two nights.

62) When will the conference _____________?

63) _____________ found in forests can possess deadly toxicity is an element of folk knowledge that has not been passed down on today’s general public.

64) That accident occurred _____________.

65) It’s snowing. Would you like to _____________ this weekend?

66) “You missed a good career opportunity.” – “Yes, I _____________ that job when Mr. Johnson offered.”

67) An excellent hairstylist in even the most unsophisticated hair salon can make a man seem to have more hair than _____________.

68) Despite being basically arboreal in nature, koalas _____________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.

69) Because of its warm tropical climate, Hawaii _____________ subzero temperatures.

70) Emma Thompson was nominated for an Academy Award as both a screenwriter _____________ an actress in 1996.

71) Egyptian pyramids were regularly robbed despite their intricate passageways, Byzantine mazes, and _____________.

72) “Where do you live now?” – “I live in Kansas City; my _____________.”

73) We have a large selection of men’s clothes for sale. We _____________ many women’s clothes in stock.

74) She doesn’t want anything alcoholic for now. She would rather _____________ a soft drink.

75) The sky is getting cloudy. It _____________ rain.

Preden pošljete test, vas prosimo, da še enkrat preverite vaše odgovore. Hvala!

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